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Divi Version: 2.4+

Divi Ghoster

Divi Ghoster is a plugin that allows you to white label Divi so it is not recognizable on the backend of the website. By configuring Divi Ghoster, you can add your own branding to the Divi tab in the dashboard, the page builder & page settings, and theme options. By enabling the “Ultimate Ghoster” option, you can also completely hide the Theme under Appearance, the Divi Role Editor and all traces of the plugin being installed. It won’t even appear in the plugins dashboard!
Divi Ghoster also provides a login page customizer, so you can brand the default wp-admin page with your own background, logo, colors and more. Major Features
  • Use on an unlimited number of sites!
  • Add your own favicon and brand name to the Divi Builder, Page Settings and WordPress Dashboard
  • Hide Divi / Extra from most instances in the source code and most theme detectors (new)
  • Rename Divi in Appearance >> Themes (new)
  • Hide popular Divi / Extra specific plugins like Aspen Footer Editor, Divi Switch and Divi Booster
  • Customize the Theme Options page and URL Slug with your own brand
  • Completely hide the Divi Ghoster plugin from the dashboard tab and Plugins dashboard.
  • Customize the WordPress Login Page (/wp-admin) with your own background image, logo, colors and links.
  • Automatic updates