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Divi Nation Podcast Episode 24: Establishing a Workflow for Distributed Design Teams with Cory Jenkins

Many members of the Divi Community, including Elegant Themes itself, use or are a part of a distributed work force of designers, developers, content creators, and project managers. Having the right tools in place and establishing a good workflow for incoming projects is essential to success. Otherwise you risk dropping tasks, miscommunication, and overall disorganization–all of which can drastically effect your company’s bottom line. If not erase it all together. That’s why Cory Jenkins of Aspen Grove Studios share his experience about how they manager their team and the tools that make it all possible.
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  • Divi 3.0 Behind the Scenes Updates via the PodcastDuring the remainder of the Divi 100 Marathon will be interviewed members of the Elegant Themes design and development staff to discuss their work on Divi 3.0. As well as share their personal stories with the entire community for the very first time.