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Divi Nation Podcast Episode 4: Mastering the Final 5%: Taking Your Website from Good to Great with SJ James

In this episode of Divi Nation WordPress designer and front end developer SJ James talks about his approach to creating websites with Divi. Specifically, he emphasizes his philosophy of focusing on the last 5% (and the first 5%, as it turns out) of the design and development process. It is this extra time and attention to detail that, he claims, can often take a merely good website and make it great.
Guest Websites:
This week in WordPress:
  • Divi 2.5 Has Arrived, Featuring the Divi Role Editor, Live Preview and Much More!
  • Drafting Pseudocode Before Building Anything
  • These Things I Believe: A Blogger’s Creed
Quick Tip:
  • Divi Footer Design Challenge Results