Simple CSV & XML Import to Woocommerce

Import hundreds or thousands of products from your csv or xml file to your WooCommerce store quickly and easily with this simple CSV & XML Importer. Comes with user friendly interface and clear instructions.
Features of the Plugin

1. A simple, CSV & XML WooCommerce product importer.
2. Enables importing thousands of products at once (Tested with 5000+ records)
3. Imports images via URL or local file path
4. Imports categories, hierarchical category structures,Tags
5. Avoid Duplicate records
6. Merge records
7. User friendly interface and clear instructions
8. You can set a Featured Image for a product
9. Allows you to select Custom path for source and destination image folder
10.AJAX Importing (avoids timing out on large data sets)
11.Import entire hierarchical (parent/child) Category structures
12.Add Categories and Tags to Products by Category/Tag Name or ID
13.Import Custom Fields, if does not exist it lets you add on fly
14.Plugin lets you strip out number fields like prices, weight, length, width, height, Dollar signs, commas, etc

You may add this to any and all of  your sites on an unlimited use basis. Free updates for 6 months.